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Susanne McCarthy


Wow! I'm so excited I could explode! My new novel, A Fresh Start at Bramble Cottage has been published by Joffe (rhymes with coffee!) It's a big step up from my previous books - longer, broader, more fun!


Vicky Marston's life takes a 180-degree turn when she inherits a cottage in South Devon from her great-aunt Molly. She'd love to keep it, but that doesn't seem sensible. Besides, she has a job and a fiance in London. And then there's her new neighbour, hunky dairy farmer Tom - who doesn't seem keen to welcome her.


But finding out about Molly's amazing life, and making new friends in the little sea-side village of Sturcombe, convinces her to take a chance on her dreams.  


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Thank you for coming to visit my website. You'll find here three novels which which I published independently. These are all available on Amazon as e-books or in paperback, and are free on Kindle Unlimited. Click on the image to purchase.


On the next page you can find out about my older novels which were published by Mills and Boon in the 1980s and 90s. Some of these are still available on their website - though only as e-books. One click will take you there.


You can also see details of my other novels which Mills & Boon published, which are not currently available - though if you ask them nicely, who knows?


Then there's some short stories - not all romances. And a free book - my historical Western novella, Rogan's Game. And after all that, come over and chat on Twitter or Facebook, or send me a comment. Happy reading!

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(Published 10th December 2014)


Evie was sure there must be all sorts of good reasons why she shouldn’t agree to go into a strange house with a man she didn’t know.


But she had just crashed her car off a mountain road, and it was snowing heavily. And right now she couldn’t think of any alternative which didn’t involve freezing to death.


(Published March 2015)


Annis remembered Theo Lander. When she was sixteen, all the girls in her class used to sigh over him, giggling as they walked home from school past his father’s garage, where he worked. Then his father had gone to prison, and Theo had left town.

So what was he doing back here now, nine years later?


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(Published July 2015)


Kat had a very low opinion of billionaire Javier de Almanzor - and that was before he kept her prisoner aboard his fabulous yacht, the Serenity. Javier was the most sinfully handsome man she had ever seen. He was also a low-life scum-bag.

And she was going to prove it.

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