Susanne McCarthy

Hi - thank you for coming to visit my website. I have been writing for many years - mostly romance (with a little spice!) On this website you can find my latest novels, which I have published independently - one click will take you to Amazon where you can purchase them as e-books or in paperback.


You can also find out about my older novels which were published by Mills and Boon in the 1980s and 90s. Some of these are still available on their website - though only as e-books. One click will take you there.

On the next page you can see details of my other novels which they published, which are not currently available - though if you ask them nicely, who knows?

Then there's some short stories - not all romances. And a free book - my historical Western novella, Rogan's Game. And after all that, come over and chat on Twitter or Facebook, or send me a comment.

Please leave a message to let me know your thoughts on my books, my web-page... or just life, the universe and everything.
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