September 16, 2016

It is 1928, and the well-known local mystery writer Eliza Ashcroft has been invited to dinner at Torre Abbey. But no sooner has she arrived than her host, Victor Crosby, is found dead in the Spanish Barn, shot in the head.

The killer is one of her fellow guests – but wh...

December 27, 2014

    ‘Problem, Chief.’

    ‘What’s up?’

    ‘Tennyson Street – number 45. Young lass came to the door, said they wasn’t leaving.’

Joe suppressed a sigh. There was always one. Sometimes it was sheer bloody obstinacy, sometimes a fear of leaving...

November 23, 2014

    It seemed strange to be on a station platform all alone. Not one of hundreds of men in khaki, crowded together, jostling, sharing smokes. He’d been on plenty of station platforms like that, all over northern France – Arras, Lillers, Cambrai. But here – right here -...

September 17, 2014

“Excellent!” The Right Honourable Harold Purcell, MP, placed his plump ministerial hands on his beautiful mahogany ministerial desk. “Now that’s settled, you can start leaking it to the press.”

    Douglas, his keen young SPAD, looked startled. “Shouldn’t we run it past...

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Short Stories

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