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I'm a Londoner, though I haven't lived there for many years - but if you're born a Londoner you're always a Londoner. And what could be better than growing up in London in the 60s? The clubs, the live music, the shops - all now passed into legend.


I got fed up with school and left before taking my A levels. Over the next few years I had lots of jobs - measuring fabric in Jones and Higgins in Peckham, cleaning chalets at Butlins Bognor Regis, even a short stint in the Civil Service.

1970: Working at Butlins

1972: Me and friends in Liverpool.

(Tracy, Me, Jenny & Bev)

Then I decided it was time to grow up, so I went to Liverpool to train as a teacher. I loved life at University, but I wasn't so keen on teaching, so I switched to adult education, which suited me fine.


Shortly after that I met my husband, and  we moved to Shropshire, where we lived on the side of a hill with a series of rescued Afghan hounds, a couple of small terriers, some cats, some birds, some fish, and an iguana called Spike.

A few years ago we retired, and decided to move to Devon. My husband is a Devonian, and had always wanted to come home. And me... I wanted to live near the sea. So now we we are settled here in South Devon, a twenty minute stroll from the beach. And I love it!

My writing


I've always loved telling stories. Even when I was barely old enough to write I could spin a yarn. But it always seemed that whatever I tried to write, it would turn into a romance. So in the end I decided to dump the other stuff and focus on the romance. Back in the day, I wrote twenty-five novels which were published by Mills&Boon. 

Now, after a long gap doing other things, I have started writing again. Some of my books I have published independently, taking advantage of the modern technology which allows me to publish direct to you. But I am now looking for an established publisher for my newer books. The chances are looking good - so watch this space!


In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my stuff. If you do, please leave a comment. And do pop back to Amazon and/or Goodreads and post a review.

Just one problem - Holly won't

give up my chair.

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